10:10 Campaign – Feb 2010

I’m trying not to think about the disastrous outcome of Copenhagen/Brokenhagen. The international community had its chance and it blew it. Heh ho, I refuse to be downhearted about it, I’m turning the outcome around into making me even more determined to lead a lifestyle more friendly to the planet. I also hope we can all work even closer as a community to show what can be done.

One campaign which has attracted a great deal of interest and press coverage is the 10:10 campaign, created by the same people who made the movie, ‘The Age of Stupid’. The idea is to encourage us to reduce our personal emissions of CO2 by 10% in 2010, more details can be found here, www.1010uk.org , including some tips and advice as well as the opportunity to sign up. So here are the things I will be planning this year towards that;

  • Growing even more vegetables and fruit then last year
  • Looking for more alternatives to the plane and car, cycling more often
  • Planting more trees
  • Planting more bee-friendly plants such as hyssop, lavender and pasque flowers
  • Volunteering more time then before with the Wedmore Green Group.
  • Lending some surplus land to the Wedmore Green Group Garden Share scheme so other people who do not have the space can still grow their own food.

 As always with such changes I prefer to look to the positive in everything. The changes made already have immeasurably improved my standard of living, I exercise more, eat more healthily, reduce the impact on the planet, pay out much less money to energy companies, water companies, airline firms, supermarkets, and I’ve met some wonderful people along the way and had a lot of fun.

What would be really great would be to hear stories from other people in the village who have made the changes in their lifestyle. Let’s spread this positive message around the area and give people a lift through the year. If you feel like sharing, please drop me an email or letter with your story and I’ll put it into this feature. It can be a sentence or a page, whatever takes your fancy.

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