About us

Somerset CAN is made up of a large diverse group of people from across the county who want to make a difference. Everybody is welcome so please join us.

We are a registered Community Benefit Society and our board members are;

Oban Mackie: Oban is a lifelong environmentalist, having been concerned about climate issues from a very young age. Based in West Somerset, he is currently a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Somerset leading a campaign to ‘Save Our Environment’. He aims to encourage collaboration between local decision makers, organisations and young people in order to take effective action on the climate crisis.

Stewart Crocker: Stewart brings a life-time’s experience of promoting sustainable farming and environmental conservation. Today, he Chair’s Wells Food Network, which has created the Somerset Food Trail – a first in the UK. He also Chairs Avalon Community Energy which provides renewable energy for schools, to drive down carbon emissions and inspire the next generation of sustainability champions.