A Little Light – Aug 2009

Like a lot of blokes, I make a rotten patient! A minor knee op has me laid up with a pack of frozen peas on my leg in the middle of summer with a hundred and one things to do outside. Still my correspondence is up to date.

Now hands up all those who have heard of a Lightbulb Library? Not many I’ll bet and neither had I until our vicar’s good lady wife mentioned the idea to me and I did a bit of research.

I’ll bet even the grandest of the ‘greeneratti’ amongst us have a few lamps that we haven’t got around to changing the bulbs to low energy versions. Personally our outside light still sports the old high energy bulb but it is a strange fitting and you have to unscrew the cover etc etc etc. Some lamps I know just have such awkward shaped bulbs that are so difficult to replace from the selection at the local store. And as you know, because I’ve bored you with it in the past, a low energy bulb lasts a great deal longer than an old style one, uses less energy, more than paying for itself over its lifetime. And those early eco-friendly bulbs that took 20 minutes to light so you stubbed your toe as you entered the room are a thing of the past.

So the Lightbulb Library is a box showing a large range of different size and shaped bulbs so you can find the one suitable for you. The company that supplies it has a website where you can then order the bulbs you want. Simple. The Wedmore Green Group has ordered one of these libraries and we will have it for one month (date to be decided). We hope to be able to pass it around as many people in the village as possible saving a whole lot of money and reducing our communities CO2 emissions further.

I’ll be gathering a list of names for interested people so contact me if you would like to be on it.

I can’t think of a link to my knee but I’ve heard cake is great at speeding the healing process – all donations gratefully received

Finally, our Free Cycle website (the online version of our free cycle days) has moved away from the old Yahoo Groups site which should make things easier for everyone. If you were on the old site or want to start using the new one, please register online at www.freecycle.org and start Freecycling.

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