A village of green fingers – Aug 2008

I’m lucky to have a good sized vegetable plot and, when I can sneak any seedlings past the slugs and the odd pigeon, immense pleasure is to be found tending the crops. Locally grown food reduces the food miles, the environmental impact and pressure on the household wallet. I also get a good workout and an excuse to spend more time outside enjoying nature.

But not everyone has enough space for a veg plot and some may see an allotment as too big an area to take on. Likewise you may have an existing plot that you either do not have the inclination to garden or are unable to for whatever reason.

So the Wedmore Green Group is launching a new project, the Wedmore Garden Share scheme. Think of it as a blind date for gardens! We would like to hear both from people who have some spare space, maybe a pre-existing plot or a patch of land and also from people who would like to have a go at growing their own produce. We’ll collate lists of gardens and willing gardeners and introduce them to each other. No money would change hands but all we would ask is the new gardeners share some of their produce with the land owners. Everyone is a winner!

I would like to emphasise how fantastic our existing allotments are, how lucky we are to have them and to please please use them to the full. The Garden Share idea is aimed as a supplement to the allotments.

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