Carbon Offset – Nov 2009

Well we have returned from our annual hols. This time a fabulous trip to Cornwall, very trendy to stay in the UK this year, apparently it is called a ‘Staycation’. However this valiant attempt to reduce our carbon footprint was somewhat scuppered by us taking the helicopter from Penzance to the Isles of Scilly. There is a ferry, the good ship Scillonian III which does the route between Penzance and St Mary’s but both me and my wife are very poor sailors and we just couldn’t face those potentially heaving waters. So in our helicopter, we flew over some of the calmest waters to be seen off Cornwall all summer!

To assuage my guilt I shall offset our trip and give the money to the Wedmore Green Group so they can plant more trees, distribute more info, buy more eco-meters or whatever those wacky Greenerati folk do. The feeling of the group is that it is far better to use the money locally where there are no administration costs, no salaries to pay and all the money will help with local environmental projects. Already money from this source has helped pay for a FreeCycle banner, costs of the Green Fair and printing of our information leaflets.

It was easily done by going to the WGG website at this page, clicking through to the Carbon Calculator page, working out the cost and sending a cheque to the group. If you do not have access to the internet, feel free to write to me and I can calculate the offset and let you know.

As I have mentioned before, offsetting should never be an excuse to fly with abandon but I strongly feel that if you do have to fly (or are hopeless sailors) offsetting helps to reflect a more accurate environmental cost of the flight beyond just paying the airlines.

Happy travelling!

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