CO2 highest for 650,000 years – Jan 2006

This is the finding of the European Epica team in Antarctica who have been studying ice cores some 3 kilometers deep which gives an atmospheric history of 900,000 years. High CO2 and methane levels lead to the greenhouse effect which causes global warming.

When you hear statistics like this, it is easy to despair as to how a single person or a single community like Wedmore can make any difference. Over the coming months I’ll show you some quick, easy and practical ways in which you can make that difference, while also saving some pennies at the same time.

One of the ways to reduce your environmental impact is to reduce your electricity usage around the home. Approximately 75% of our electricity is generated by the burning of the fossil fuels coal and gas which release CO2 into the atmosphere. Some tips to reducing usage are;

  • Never leave your TV or computer monitor on standby when not being used
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Only buy low-energy fridges and washing machines (clearly labeled now as Energy Rated A)
  • If it is a sunny day, why spin your washing when you can hang it on the line

Of course all these tips also save you money. While my wife and I try to ‘green’ our home over time, I’ll share our experiences, successes and failures that hopefully will give you some ideas for your own home.

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