Credit Crunch – Dec 2008

While I write this the credit crunch is in full swing, governments around the world are desperately trying to shore up their banks with eye watering sums of money, the recession has started and energy prices remain stubbornly high. For many of us, this Christmas will be a lot leaner than usual.  I studied economics at college and I have this mental image of thousands of students today learning and revising economic theory that in the real world is changing by the day.

To a few of us, this economic turbulence is the natural conclusion to the increasing greed, complexity, global and un-sustainable nature of our western system. With luck and a stiff fair wind this gives the world a chance to build a system which is fair to all humans and in harmony with the natural world. A bit of optimism never goes amiss! On a local level I think it emphases how as a community we are stronger by working together, looking out for your neighbours, family and friends. To me it underlines the importance of home energy generation, insulation, local employment, re-using as much as possible and growing your own food and doing it all together. That way we can move as a community towards being more immune to the violent swings in the world economy.

One event coming up which we hope will help is a Green Fair in the Village Hall on May 16th, plenty of chance to find out how to ‘green up’ while saving money on energy and food bills.

We are also still looking for volunteers for our Garden Share scheme. There a few people keen to do more vegetable gardening, but we do not have people offering their gardens so we can start the scheme off. So if you have, even a small, spare part of your garden that you’d like turned into a bountiful veg garden with the help of a neighbour then please get in touch.

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