Cycling – Jun 2010

At last Helen and I had the chance to join in with the quickly becoming famous Somerset 3-Peaks Challenge. This is a blissfully un-authorised, un-monitored, health & safety free cycling and walking jaunt of some 40 parishioners around Somerset. Cycling between Brent Knoll, Crooks Peak and Nyland Hill, then walking up them, reminded me not only of how beautiful out county is, even in the rain, but also how easy it is to jump on a bike and cover a few miles, leaving the car far behind.

One more reminder about the first Wedmore Produce Market on Saturday 17th July at the spectacular front garden of Susanne Ager’s Borough House from 10-3. Don’t forget we would like to encourage all you growers out there whether you have a surplus of strawberries, too many courgettes, chutneys, jams, cakes, pasties basically anything grown or produced on the Isle of Wedmore. This is all part of Wedmore Green Group trying to encourage as many people as possible to grow their own and if you can share the surplus with the village and make a little money for yourself then all the better. Please contact me if you would like a stall, perhaps you would like to share one with a couple of neighbours. 

Top Eco Tip: Don’t be fooled by your printer! Mine has been saying that the cartridges need replacing for 6 months now, I’ve ignored it and been happily printing away with no ill effects. Obviously if I can avoid replacing the cartridge then I can save not only a little money but all the chemical nasties in ink cartridges.

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