Getting together – Sep 2006

Oh the lonely life of a green traveler sitting in front of my computer tapping away my environmental missives.  If only I had someone to talk with, someone to bounce off eco ideas with. OK, I’ll stop labouring the point!

Basically a few months back I was approached by an esteemed parishioner Bob Hayter, no stranger to these pages, who thought we ought to gather a few people together and see if we might move the environmental movement along a bit in the village. So, this is what we have done with the formation of the Wedmore Green Group with the backing of the Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development, and their Community Choices for Sustainable Living scheme. We are a small group of people who are looking for ways to explore and encourage greener ways of living at a local level. The core group consists of Liz Merryfield, Bob Hayter, Rob Richley, Philippa Bowes and the Mewes’ Robin, Helen and Steve.

We thought we’d start with the Green Score Card which I’m sure you’ve all now seen as a way of gauging what people already do in the parish. This will give us a benchmark and something we can repeat in say 5 years time to see if we’re making progress as a community. It also gave us a chance to announce ourselves to the area.

The key thing with the group is that we will endeavour to never judge or be high and mighty Eco-evangelists. We have two main aims of providing information and advice to those that want it and to further environmental projects in the village such as widening the scope of things that can be recycled such as plastic bottles.

So, we’ll collate all the information from the Green Score Card and report back in later issues of the Isle of Wedmore News. We’ll also have a public meeting soon so everyone has a chance to discuss how the group moves forward and to recruit people who may want to set up sub groups on topics such as Eco Homes, Recycling, Local Food, Transport or any of the many other environmental issues.

It is very early days and we are keen at this stage to see what interest there is out there so please fill out the score card if you get a chance and pop it down to the Paper Shop or back in the post to me.

And if nothing else, the debate is becoming ever livelier and I’m feeling less lonely in front of my computer, ahhhh!

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