Green Campaign – June 2007

Campaigning is one of the most rewarding parts of being involved in a group. Everyone can gain so much from sharing a common purpose and having a polite shout at the people in charge. A classic example is when 2+ million of us went up to London to protest against the impending Iraq War. I don’t believe any of us believed that we would make the slightest difference to the Blair/Bush plan but we felt we had made our point and that we were not alone in our outrage and disgust. Many years ago I remember walking around Bridgewater campaigning against Hinkley Point carrying a fake barrel of nuclear waste. It certainly gave me a warm glow, though perhaps the barrel wasn’t fake!

Anyway, Wedmore 2007 and the Wedmore Green Group (WGG) would like to persuade Sedgemoor to have either a battery collection point at the recreation ground or have them collected in our green boxes like they do in Bath and North East Somerset. Domestic batteries though small in bulk contain a horrible cocktail of nasty chemicals that are not only relatively rare on this planet but also cause great damage to the environment when allowed to leak into a landfill. Colin Mercer, the Council Recycling Officer, asked us to get local people to write in and ask for a recycling option to show the level of demand. So the group is asking for your help. Please join us and write or email Colin with the message below (though feel free to embellish);

Dear Mr Mercer,

I live on the Isle of Wedmore and I would like to see either a battery bank on the village recreation ground or the chance to put domestic batteries into my green box for collection.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Bloggs

Your address

If you email him (which is the quicker/cheaper/eco-friendly route if have the equipment), please cc me so we can keep track of how many have joined the campaign. His email is and his address is Recycling Officer, Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3AR

Thank you.

Another project we are starting is with solar water tubes. Melvyn Firmager in the WGG is hoping to set up some training for how to install these tubes yourself as well as a big discount for everyone whether they self install or not. Melvyn is keen to gauge the level of interest so if you want your water heated by the sun with about a 5 year pay back period let him know.

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