Green Web – Mar 2008

The internet is one of those things that for many has become such a part of day to day life that we forget it hasn’t been around that long.

For a community like ours though it is now an invaluable and fast tool for finding out about the environment and ways we can help it. With a few clicks I can get information on the latest flooding in Asia, WWF project in Brazil or the details of the next report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Then I can research who supplies the roof insulation in the area and cost out that rain water harvesting system I’ve always wanted!

Not to be left out, the Green Wedmore now has its own website at thanks to a grant from the Angela Vivian Memorial Award. Here you will find information about what the group is up to and how to contact us. You will also find links to other useful sites on the environmental issue, handy if you are quite new to the internet. We’ll endeavour to keep it as up to date as possible so please add it to your favourites and keep going back to take a look. Just as a recap we have plenty going on right now;

  1. Our WGG Cook Book, ‘Is It Local’ is now available
  2. If anyone is interested in reducing their CO2 emissions then please take up the WGG Carbon Challenge, contact me for details
  3. More details on our Plastic Bag Free Wedmore in the near future
  • Avoid pesticides by attracting creatures that naturally prey on your garden pests – a few logs will attract slug living hedgehogs and frogs
  • Recycle old envelopes by simply using them again. Just cross out the address or cover with a label
  • If your tap drips once a second, you are wasting 1,500 litres of water a year
  • You can make your own pan scourers using the nets that oranges come in. This saves on waste and money

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