Green Wedmore – Early plans Dec 2006

The first Wedmore Green Group public meeting was a great success with almost 25 attendees and a lively and positive debate on the issues. We decided to put together the following sub groups to take action forward;

1. Recycling Issues

 – Plastic recycling skip in rec ground car park

– Free Cycle Day

– Freecycle website

– LETS schemes

2. Transport issues (especially for school kids)

 – Safe routes for walking to schools

– School Bus schemes

3. Education for all

 – Green Club at school

– More info on basics/easy to digest facts in the local press

– A regular e-newsletter for all who want it & a website

4. Energy Production and conservation – DIY/Buildings/Techniques/Grants

 – Issue of grants for insulation etc

– Planning issue and conservation areas

– Public buildings and conservation e.g. village halls renovation

5. Food and local businesses

 – Extending the allotment schemes

– Local food in shops

– Farmers markets?

– Somerset local food direct

Our next step is to seek volunteers to head up each of these sub groups to make sure action happens!

We are always looking for extra people to help us and join us so please contact me below if you’d like to come along.

And in the spirit of the education aspect of the group and for those hardened ‘green things followers’ out there here are some more top tips.

  • So your new fridge is A-rated, that’s great but you can go further. If you are popping the lasagna leftovers into the fridge wait until they come to room temperature. Likewise if you are defrosting something and have the time then pop it in the fridge. This all means the fridge does not work so hard and so uses less energy.
  • It’s fantastic that you only boil enough water in the kettle for the number of cups that you are making but how about boiling water for veg, rice, pasta or eggs. The less water you use, the less energy is wasted heating it up and when something is almost done, turn the heat off and let the heat left in the water finish off the cooking, with of course the lid on at all times.
  • And keep your eye on that room thermostat, after a chilly spell when you may have turned it up a little, don’t forget to turn it back down again.

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