Hot Air? – Apr 2007

By the time you read this our wind turbine will be up and spinning (as apposed to the Leader of the Opposition’s which was quietly dropped many months ago despite still being quoted on in the press; apparently it made his house too much of a target for terrorists!). Anyhow there has been a lot of negative press recently about domestic wind turbines in general and the Wind Save turbine in particular. Most notably the generation claims of the turbine manufacturers is likely to be overrated and not backed up by evidence. This has led to the argument that the payback for the device is 25 or even 30 years.

This may well be true but since we live in the unobstructed wind path of the prevailing south-westerlies I believe our chances of 15-25% average overall electricity generation are good and I shall keep you posted on this. With this generation we would pay back the cost of the turbine in under 10 years, partly as we are very careful with our energy consumption. So what else costs £1,000 and has an equal payback? A new LCD TV which has a depreciation of some 80% in year one, a new car that can easily drop £1,000 in value as soon as you turn the key and drive it off the forecourt, a new computer which is out of date in 3 years and replaced…. I think I’ll stick to my turbine; generating power, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

This months tips for your delictation;

  • Save trees by always trying to print on both sides of the paper. Reuse other sheets for shopping lists/notes.
  • Making your own lunch and not using prepacked snacks saves you money, uses less packaging and is healthier.
  • Forget air fresheners, get some plants. These natural air conditioners can remove up to 87% of indoor pollution in 24 hours.
  • Save energy with proper tank insulation which can save £20 per year.
  • Let you lawn grow longer between cuts and save energy/time. It also helps your lawn conserve water and encourages wildlife species.                                                           

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