Insulation – Sep 2009

Please note the Warm Streets scheme mentioned below is not current.

It has been almost a year now since we built (I use the term we very loosely but we did pay for it) our environmentally friendly extension. A good time to assess how the extensive insulation we installed (we again!) has worked out. This time we used Warmcell throughout; in the walls, floors and ceiling.

Warmcell is made of recycled paper shredded up and specially treated to make it fire retardant. Unfortunately it is not eligible for any grants but is just as effective as more ‘traditional’ insulation.

Most surprisingly to us it made our extension not only warm in winter but also much cooler in summer during our brief hot weeks.

Insulation, whether in the loft or where possible in the wall cavity, is one of the first steps to reducing the eco-impact of a house. With this in mind the Wedmore Green Groupers have joined forces with our fellow Greenerati in Axbridge, Winscombe, Cheddar and Shipham to form the Axe Valley Consortium for Energy (ACE). With this new group we are taking part in the Warm Streets scheme which is supported by Sedgemoor District Council and the Centre of Sustainable Energy (CSE) in Bristol.

We have until March to encourage as many people as possible to have a free survey and hopefully to take up the insulation scheme. In exchange for each referral the group earns training and support from the CSE for our community projects.

You can request the free survey in one of four ways,

  • Ring 0800 512012
  • Email
  • Complete the form on the yellow leaflets that are going around
  • Complete the full referral form that I have here at Lands End Farm House

And for this you get a free survey and a quote for some more insulation where you will receive at least a 50% discount and for some it will be 100% free.

One other thing that I forgot to say! When you request a free survey it is really important that you mention ‘ACE’


Following on from my last feature on lightbulb libraries the company we were going to use sadly became a victim of the recession. At least no one in the village had bought any bulbs and was left without the goods.

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