Kids Eco-Competition – May 2007

The street fair is just a few weeks away and the Wedmore Green Group is very pleased with this years ‘Green’ theme. We are holding a competition this year for all you artistic kids and young adults out there, so if you fancy yourself as a green Picasso or Eco-Michelangelo then now is your big chance.

We are looking for people to create a work of art with an environmental theme or using recycled materials. It can be absolutely anything; painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, wherever the muse takes you!

There will be prizes for the three winners in the three age categories consisting of a £5 voucher to The Paper Shop (many thanks Sophie) and one years membership to the Centre for Alternative Technology ( which usually costs £22.

In addition a selection of the entries will form part of a month long window display in the The Paper Shop so villagers can admire your handiwork for even longer.

It all takes place at The Barn, Lerburne House, opposite Hector’s Farm Shop in the Borough. There will be a sign! Please bring your entries to The Barn between 9 and 10 am on Saturday 30th June, just ask for Steve. Judging will take place between 10 and 11am and then the display will be open to the thronging masses from the Street Fair from 11am.

The three age groups will be from 4 to 9, over 9 to 13 and over 13 to 16.

To help raise funds for the village hall we will also be holding a ‘silent’ auction of the entries from 11am to 3pm so if you want to keep your masterpiece you’ll have to persuade your parents to put in a good bid! A silent auction is where people write down their bids on a list so everyone can see what the current amount is, the highest bidder at 3 pm wins!

Let the creativity commence!

And lastly one more eco tip; ‘Save energy by boiling pasta for just two minutes. It will cook by itself if you leave it to stand in the water for the full cooking time’

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