Kids – Jul 2010

Long before Wedmore Green Group was formed local parishioners have been attending school assemblies in the area speaking with students about various environmental topics. This invaluable commitment has continued on occasion when discussing plastic bag free projects, recycling and the like. Not having children or any experience of speaking to large groups/teaching them I have not taken part in such worthy activities. Until now!

In June, Wells Cathedral School are holding a green week including asking some local groups to come and talk to Year 7, 8 & 9 which I am reliably informed is age 12-14. As I spent 10 years at Wells sometime in the last century I could not resist the invitation. I am looking forward to the challenge. When speaking with children on a one-one basis I have generally found them much more environmentally aware then many adults. They seem to quickly grasp the scale of the problem and the likely consequences. Hopefully I can communicate to them that a few of us oldies are battling to sort the mess out and will try to leave them a legacy of hope rather than despair. If I have any paper aeroplanes chucked my way, let’s hope they have been used on both sides and printed on recycled paper!

Then a final reminder about the first Wedmore Produce Market on Saturday 17th July at the spectacular front garden of Susanne Ager’s Borough House from 10-3. By the time you read this most of the stalls should have been taken but if you would like one please get in touch and I’ll try to squeeze you in. This is all part of Wedmore Green Group trying to encourage as many people as possible to grow their own and if you can share the surplus with the village and make a little money for yourself then all the better. So, please come along, browse, snack and if tempted buy some of the local goodies.

This is my last piece I shall write for the magazine. I felt it was time to give someone else the chance to write something on this topic so if you would like to take up the challenge then please contact Liz or Jane in the usual way.

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