Litter – Oct 2008

Green Wedmore started over two and a half years ago now and I hope we have been useful to people who are trying to green up their lifestyles. Just as a quick reminder we have two main aims. We act as a local information source for all things environmental so people have somewhere they can go to find answers to all those tricky questions. If we don’t know the answer ourselves then we will know someone who does. We also aim to be an umbrella organisation to help support the green initiatives happening in the village such as the community woodland and plastic bag project. What we have always been conscious of avoiding at all costs is preaching to people. We are neither a political party, nor a church and have known since the start that trying to act like them would be hopelessly counterproductive. So we don’t.

Anyhoo, something the group is starting to look at is the challenging topic of littering. Anything that spoils our gorgeous village and countryside seems tragic to me. Personally I quite enjoy the act of collecting litter while out walking our dog. I find it very pleasing to see that patch of land cleared up and it gives the dog a chance to catch up on some wee-mail! Last weekend I filled a small bag with assorted bottles and cans, most of which was recyclable, in under an hour’s stroll. I suspect that most of the litter on our streets and hedgerows comes from people outside the village throwing rubbish from car windows. I’m not sure how as a community we can help improve the situation but I shall await some challenging debate, discussion and action.

Another topic I intend to research more this autumn is where to buy good recycled products such as stationary, wine glasses, garden kit and the like. One of my favourite shops is Amy’s Eco-Friendly store but now the Paper Shop is getting in on the act and is hoping soon to have a ‘green’ section. Well done Sophie! If anyone knows of a good source then please email me the info and I’ll add it to our website.

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