Local Cook Book – Aug 2007

The name may change but the idea is to create a recipe book based as far as possible on locally produced food. This can be the excellent local preserves, honey, cheeses, meat, apples, cider, eggs, strawberries, yoghurt or food easily grown in a vegetable patch or the village allotment.

So the Wedmore Green Group would like some recipes from all of you. In return you will have the honour of having your name and favourite dish immortalised in print! All we ask is that the ingredients have travelled as short a distance as possible and are preferably locally produced. Sugar is a tricky one but substitutes such as local honey or even apple juice can be used. Perhaps your kids have some ideas? Either email or send your ideas to me at the address below ideally before the end of September.

The main ideas are to;

  • encourage our local food producers and shops
  • reduce the food miles of all our cooking and thus reduce our community CO2 emissions
  • explain to people about some of the issues around the environmental cost of transporting food 1,000’s of miles
  • raise some funds for the Wedmore Green Group which we can put towards projects such as our Community Woodland.

I hope you will all be as excited by this project as we are and many thanks in advance for your delicious concoctions, which incidentally I feel I must try out in the interests of well gluttony.

Other news is that we are planning another Free Cycle Day on September 9th from 10am to 12:30pm. The same format as before; you clean out your shed of all that stuff you never need any more, come along to the new car park in the village and give it away. Chances are that you’ll see something on another stall you fancy as well. No better therapy I can guarantee! The big winner of course is the environment with less things going to the landfill and more getting a second use. All we ask is that no money changes hands and anything you cannot give away you take back home.

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