‘One person’s rubbish’ – Mar 2007

‘One persons rubbish is another’s treasure’

Sunday April 22nd is the date for the villages first Freecycle Day from 10-2 in the new village car park. This is kind of like a car boot sale but without ANY money changing hands. You take what you don’t want and bring back what you do! The whole idea is to reduce the amount we all throw away. You may have no use for that spare roll of insulation, collection of plant pots or old books but it might just be what someone else wants. Have a look around, gather your rubbish/treasure and join us on the 22nd.

Just remember that the day is free, you give your stuff away and pick up what you like or just come along and browse.

On the home front, we’ve yet to install the wind turbine. Windsave are updating the software to make it all more efficient so it will be worth the wait.

Now for some green quotes,

  • ‘One touch of nature makes the whole world kin’ – W.Shakespeare
  • ‘Within a few generations we have turned from hunter gatherers into supermarket browsers. We must rediscover our links with the natural environment if we are to tread more lightly on the world.’ – C Simmons, Co-founder, Best Foot Forward
  • ‘Scientists estimate that the natural rate of extinction is about four species a year. Yet today, the rate is about 17,000-100,000 each year. It’s the biggest mass extinction since the age of the dinasours and almost entirely due to the greed and recklessness of humans.’ – C.Cutter, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
  • ‘One way or another, we will learn to live elegantly and frugally within the Earth’s natural limits; either with joy in our hearts, or dragged kicking and screaming to the same point. Which way will you choose? – J.Porritt, Programme Director, Forum for the Future.


Wedmore’s first Freecycle Day ­ Sunday 22 April
Give your garage and attic a spring-clean! Clear out those cupboards and that clutter under the stairs! But whatever you do, don’t throw it away. Instead, bring it along to Wedmore’s first ‘Freecycle Day’ on Sunday 22 April from 10am to 2pm. It’s being organised by Wedmore Green Group on the new car park in the village centre. You simply set out your unwanted items and people help themselves for free ­ and you could find what you need among other people’s unwanted stuff: it might be flower pots or toys, a chair or a carpet. The whole idea is to recycle more and send less to landfill.

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