Pass It On Books – Jan 2009

On my environmental journey, one of the most important sources of information after the internet is books. I am of a generation that still likes to read around a subject after the technique was drummed into me at school. It seems it has sunk in.

The challenge with such a fast moving issue as climate change is that new information is being discovered or researched on a daily basis. Sounds like a good reason to buy more books I reckon! Another way to spread the information is the Pass it On scheme and the Wedmore Green Group is setting one up.

What we have done is buy a number of the books “What about China? Answers to this and other awkward questions about Climate Change” So, what happens is that various members of the Green Group have taken one or more of the books and after reading it themselves they will pass it on to someone else who they think will be interested in it. We will endeavor to keep track of who has each book and also what each person thought of it. We’d like to know whether they found it helpful, informative, interesting, which sections were the most relevant to them, would it inspire them to make any small (or large!) changes in their lifestyles, well who knows.

After a few months we’ll try to meet up as a group of ‘readers’ to discuss what we all thought. And if the project works the group will buy a different book and do the same thing. Hopefully it will prompt some good local debate and discussion, a summary of which we will put up on a board at the May 16th Wedmore Green Fair.

So look out for the books buzzing around the village!

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