Re Cycle, Free Cycle, Spin Cycle – Oct 2007

We had our most recent Freecycle day a few months ago and the idea is really taking off. The car park was full, many cars went home having given away all their stuff and many were full of new goodies. One lady even gave away an old car!

Now, since we started the Wedmore Green Group (WGG) we have been endeavouring to add the Wedmore area to the Freecycle website. It has taken a little badgering and negotiation as our population is lower then other areas they usually cover, but we’ve finally done it. This website is a place where you can give away your unwanted stuff to others in a particular geographical location, all with the aim of reducing the pressure on landfill and the over use of precious resources, basically a Wedmore Freecycle day but online (I still reckon it was our idea first but I’ll leave that to the legal teamJ ).

So, for those with internet connection, type this address into your web browser; ;look for the list of groups in the South West and you’ll find us. Our area covers Wedmore, the Allertons, Meare, Weare, Highbridge, Cheddar, Axbridge, Mark and Theale as well as all points in between. Anyone of any age can join the group and start ‘posting’ the stuff they want to give away. We’ll still hold another Wedmore Freecycle day in the spring but with this new website you don’t have to wait. If you get stuck, please email me at the address below.

As a reminder, while on the recycling theme, I thought I’d summarise what can currently be easily recycled through the green box scheme or close by.

  • Green Box –  Glass – bottles, jars. Paper – newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, Yellow Pages, & junk mail. Cans (both drink and food cans). Aluminium Foil. Clothing. Shoes. Car batteries.
  • Green Wheelie Bins – obtained from Sedgemoor council these hold garden waste and are picked up fortnightly
  • At the Recreation Ground – Cardboard and Plastic Bottles (look for these symbols – HDPE 1,PET(E) 2, and PVC 3, the plastic that they cannot currently collect are margarine, yoghurt pots, green plastic bottles and any plastic bottle tops)
  • At the recycling centre at Cheddar – Wood, Metal, Broken Household appliances and garden waste
  • At the recycling centre at Highbridge – Tetra Pak cartons (all juice and milk cartons which are mixed card and plastic, please rinse and remove the plastic tops) and old Engine Oil

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