Recycling – Feb 2006

It warms my old eco-heart driving around the village on a Wednesday seeing so many overflowing green boxes.

But why do we follow this strange Wednesday ritual? Well I fill my box so that landfills do not fill up so fast and also to help non renewable resources last that little bit longer.

Our green box addiction started slowly some 15 years ago with the odd bottles here the odd newspaper there taken to the nearest skip. In those days they were painted blue or green and had the trusty recycling symbol on the side. We didn’t think it was a problem in those early days, we were only experimenting after all.

Then the kerbside collections started, recycling became all too easy and we were on a slippery slope. Soon, it went beyond the basics and onto the dizzy heights of car batteries, yellow pages and tin cans.

I admit now that we have a problem. Today we try to go further, by buying goods which have less packaging there is less waste from the start and by re-using ‘rubbish’ ourselves we reduce the eco-cost of recycling and traditional waste disposal.

Also our compost heaps and wormery benefit from a variety of veg peelings and Scrumpy (4-legged member of the family) loves the left over lasagna.  When we really stretch our imagination, plastic bottles make great slug protectors for plants, cardboard keeps the compost heap aerated and margarine pots make great soup containers in the freezer.

The alternative to recycling is the filling of landfill sites followed by the creation of dozens of new incinerators around the country and the rapid depletion of our natural resources. I know which choice we’ll be making. Mind you, if anyone knows of any good eco-therapists out there, please let me know….

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