The Message – Jul 2007

Watching the latest programme by David Attenborough recently, reminded me what the environmental movement is all about. He has a knack of explaining things in the most straight forward way.

The compelling message is that we share this planet with thousands of other species but the expanding human population with our rapacious desire for space, food, houses, cars and possessions, are pushing more and more fellow earth dwellers to extinction. This obscene use of resources is linked to pollution such as green house gases, acid rain and sprawling landfill sites. What right do we have? Who gave us permission and most importantly, how can we move to a position of balance on this, our only planet?

My view has always been to start at the local level. I believe that by thinking about the bigger picture while making those everyday decisions we can start to make the change.

In the Wedmore Green Group we have a core of active supporters who put in the time to make Wedmore that little more balanced with our environment. We try to make that local difference, but to do more we need more people willing to give a little time to take projects forward.

Green Tips:

  • EU laws ensure UK tap water is safe to drink. Bottled water wastes plastic, its expensive, and is often transported from abroad.
  •  Wrap Wisely – Aluminium foil can be used more then once or recycled. Greaseproof paper can be composted. Or you can cover left over food with a plate.
  • Remove limescale from your kettle with vinegar and water. Then boil with with fresh water. Water the plants with the remains once cooled.

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