Top Tips – Oct 2006

Well we’ve had some 200 Green Score Cards back in already which is a fantastic response, thank you to everyone that gave a little of their time to fill them in. At the time of writing I’m still compiling the results which I’ll share with you later in the year.

There were a number of questions that people wrote which I thought I’d answer here so other people can benefit.

Q. Why can’t I recycle my car battery in the green box.

A. You can. Also you can recycle clothes, engine oil, aluminum foil, tin, bottles, shoes and paper (of all types including yellow pages).

Q. How do I stop all the junk mail.

A. Contact the mail preference service on or 0845 703 4599 and for no charge they will stop that wasteful mail.

Q. How do I ‘green’ my Listed Building/Old house?

A. I’ve lived in old houses all my life and I appreciate the extra challenges i.e. with installing double glazing. However there is a lot that is possible and the first priority is loft insulation. Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development can help, or 01458 259400.

Q. More info about solar tubes please.

A. These are a great method of heating your water in the spring, summer and autumn. We used a local plumber John Adams to purchase and install ours and we’ve been very impressed with their performance and money saved! He can be reached on 01934 743105. A number of people have them in the parish already and I appreciate this should have been mentioned on the score card.

Q. I have an issue about low energy bulbs and environmental issues with manufacture and disposal

A. Well they last up to 12 times more then a standard bulb and use 20% of the energy. It is true that disposal of any light bulb is not easy. For info on how to buy different varieties have a look at,

Q. More info about Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels please.

A. These are a domestic renewable method of generating electricity from the sun. They are quite expensive and the payback takes much longer then say insulating your loft but with energy prices ever rising they will become more attractive. We used Solar Century to install them in our last house and found them an excellent source of information and advice on or 020 7803 0100.

If anyone has any more Environmental questions they would like answered please do not hesitate to contact me on or write to me at Lands End Farm House, Heath House, Wedmore, Somerset. BS28 4UQ.

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