Wood and Produce – Apr 2010

As a follow up from my last piece, we have found some keen growers to take on our two small vegetable plots in our new piece of land, ‘Scumpys Field’. I say veg plots but as I type they are just two patches of meadow. By the time you read this though I’m sure my landshare chums will have tilled the soil and be bringing on those veg ready for planting out soon. We have decided to build a few extra small raised beds of our own in the field to keep me out of mischief.

Also by the time you read this we will have planted the 725 trees which will make up the coppice woodland to feed our wood boiler in a few years. So if we have a drought this summer then think of me going to and fro with buckets of water trying to keep them alive!

As things progress I’ll pop some photos on our website at, www.wedmoregreengroup.co.uk/wgg-garden-share.php . If you would like to offer some of your land or garden to others who need space to grow some veg, fruit or flowers please let me know and I’ll help match you up.

One other bit of news is that the group is organising the first Wedmore Produce Market on Saturday 17th July. Please put this date on your Wedmore calendars as it will be a tasty showcase of local food and drink. We’ll be inviting all the local food retailers as well as local producers and farm shops. We would also like to encourage local growers whether you have a surplus of strawberries, too many courgettes, chutneys, jams, cakes, pasties basically anything grown or produced on the Isle of Wedmore. This is all part of Wedmore Green Group trying to encourage as many people as possible to grow their own and if you can share the surplus with the village and make a little money for yourself then all the better. Please contact me if you would like a stall, perhaps you would like to share one with a couple of neighbours. 

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