Woodland – Mar 2010

This spring will be extra special for the Mewes clan in Heath House. One of the main missing pieces in our environmental journey is a local supply of wood for our boiler Heinrich. At the moment we buy it by the 20m3 load from woods in the east of Somerset with all the associated environmental and financial cost.

Now we have bought a small field and are busily planting it up with native trees to create a coppice woodland. We should have our first crop in 8 years and from then be self sufficient. This will be a huge step forward for us. Now all we need to do is to somehow create the 40% of electricity we still source from the grid and set up a rain water harvesting system.

The other use for a part of the field is for landshare, http://landshare.channel4.com/. This is something Wedmore Green Group has been encouraging for a few years. It is like a dating scheme between landowners and people who want to grow their own food but don’t have the space. We have room for a couple of plots and are looking for people who would like to use the space to grow their own veg. The deal in return is that the growers supply us with 10% of the crop. For more information please go to the landshare link above or our own website at, www.wedmoregreengroup.co.uk/wgg-garden-share.php or contact me at the address below.

Finally a quick reminder that the green group has three eco-meters available for hire. These clever devices connect easily to your electricity supply and show you the energy hungry appliances around the home. They are an excellent method of reducing your electricity usage saving you money and the planet resources. If you would like to try one out please contact me.

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