Films for Climate Action

We are making a short film aimed at encouraging more people in Somerset to make some simple changes which could have a huge impact, both for making our lives cheaper, cosier, healthier and more comfortable but which will also have the added benefit of helping us to reduce our carbon emissions.   

So, in order to get a range of authentic Somerset voices, we are inviting you to join us at a local house in Charlton Musgrove near the beginning of May (exact day tbc).

If you or your children (preferably over 12) have done or are doing any of the following, and you would be happy to appear in a short film, please do get in touch.

  • Walk/cycle/scoot to school/ work regularly
  • Changed your lightbulbs to energy efficient LEDs
  • Stopped buying new stuff/ switched to buying preloved things
  • Insulated your loft
  • Put in better draught proofing
  • Grow your own veg
  • Set up a rainwater harvesting system
  • Changed energy suppliers
  • Started turning your thermostat down (even by 1 degree)
  • Switching lights off when you leave the room
  • Always do laundry on a cold wash
  • Planted a tree/ trees, wildflowers
  • Talk about things you can do to make a difference with your schoolmates, friends, neighbours or colleagues
  • Eat more plant based foods and less meat/fish/dairy
  • Buying only local
  • Buying less

Please let us know which of any of the above you have or are currently engaging with and how many members of your family are likely to come along. We are keen to capture a range of ages and faces showing that everyone can be involved in Climate Action.

If you can be a part of our film, we will pay for your transport costs if you have to travel far and there will be some simple food and tea and coffee available on the day.  Your contribution could help more people to join with us in making a positive difference.

Contact  Or call Sonia on 07970947445.

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