Welcoming our new Network Co-ordinator

Somerset Climate Action Network (Somerset CAN) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sonia Kundu to help us in our mission to expand our network of those involved in climate action in Somerset.

Sonia has historically been responsible for introducing organic agriculture as well as fair trade business practices to the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India.  As part of this role she was able to share knowledge and understanding to both farmers on the ground as well as to government officers in the Forest, Agriculture and Horticulture departments, of the benefits of organic farming, as well as hands on training to make the switch.

Sonia is also a Director of the Somerset Rail to Trail Project, a community led initiative which aims to transform our disused railways here in Somerset into inclusive active travel trailways to help Somerset reach its Net-Zero Carbon targets. 

You may remember from our report, ‘Towards a Carbon Neutral Somerset’ – May 2019 that transport is by far the biggest carbon emitting sector, more than business, housing and agriculture. So, reducing the carbon emissions of all forms of transport are essential.  The Somerset Rail to Trail Project forms an important part of achieving the combined goals of reducing emissions as well as improving underlying public health – all the more crucial as we face the virus and its emerging variants which particularly affect those with underlying respiratory conditions.  Reducing air pollution has always been a key factor in tackling Climate Change and is therefore now more imperative than ever.

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, we at SCAN hope to seize the opportunity that we are now presented with, to help our community to make the switch to greener and cleaner practices in our every-day lives and we look forward to working with local councils to help communities in maximising their efforts, through investing in projects which can make a positive difference to our environmental outcomes.

One such opportunity exists in the form of helping communities to switch to renewable energy and energy saving practices.  This will form a key part of Sonia’s role and we wish her every success over the coming months as she helps us to develop a county wide network of people, empowering actions from the wider community to enable positive and low carbon projects to accelerate in every corner of Somerset.

Sonia can be contacted via somersetCAN@gmail.com

Sonia’s role is possible thanks to funding from MCS and Wessex Water

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